Cebu is home to an awesome variety of places to see & experience

Cebu has everything you would want in a travel destination. Beautiful beaches, modern city sights, local festivals, amazing waterfalls, hiking trails, heritage sites, delicious food, wonderful people and more.

If you ever get the chance to travel to or drop by Cebu. Go for it. Spend a few days exploring the different places around the island.

This comprehensive Cebu travel guide will make it easy for you to plan an itinerary and make the most of your time.


How To Get To Cebu

Getting to Cebu is actually very easy. There are a lot of ways to get to Cebu depending on where you are coming from.

By Air

Cebu-PacificThe best way for you to get to Cebu City is by air. There are a variety of airlines that fly to and from Cebu City such as Philippines Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and Air Asia. There are local flights to Cebu from Manila, Kalibo, Davao, Siargao, Tacloban, Camiguin, Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo, and Legazpi.

There are also direct international flights to Cebu from Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and China.

By Ferry

ferry-cebuIf you would prefer to go to Cebu City by ferry, you have the option to do so. There are ferries that go to Cebu City from Manila, Maasin, Ormoc, Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Ozamiz, and Tubigon and Tagbilaran in Bohol.

Make sure to check and take note of the ferry schedules from different ferries and fast crafts if you opt to travel this way to Cebu city.


How To Get Around Cebu And Neighboring Towns

By Taxi

Similar to Manila and other Sout East Asian destinations, some taxi drivers may overcharge you if they figure out that you’re not a local. Some even tamper with their meter, so it reflects more than what you should pay. But there are also a lot of honest drivers. In the city, KEN Taxi is popular. The drivers are courteous, and the meter is accurate.

By Grab

Grab is always improving, especially in South East Asia. However, their taxis are definitely more expensive than their car services. I recommend that you avail of their cars instead of their taxis.

By Jeepneys

jeepneyLastly, you can do it how the locals do it and experience the adventure and plight of the everyday commuter in Cebu.

It is important to take note of the different jeepney codes for different destinations so you don’t get lost.


Things To Do In Cebu

1. Tour Downtown Cebu

Cebu is the oldest city and first Spanish settlement of the Philippines. You can visit surviving Spanish-colonial heritage sites, most of which can be found within the downtown area and can be easily explored on foot. Don’t miss Fort San Pedro, Santo Niño church, Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, Magellan’s Cross, and old houses that have been turned into heritage homes (museums).

2. Explore Metro Cebu Highlands

Take a short drive from the center to the highlands of Metro Cebu. Here, you can enjoy sweeping overlooking views and cool spots to visit including the Tops Skyline Garden, Temple Of Leah, Taoist Temple & flower farms/gardens in Sirao. There are also many restaurants, cafes, and hotels with a view in this area.

3. Enjoy Mactan’s beaches & islands

Mactan’s beaches are one of the best things about Cebu. It’s a mere bridge crossing away from the city or a 15-minute drive from the airport! Mactan Island is lined with many white sand beaches and luxury resorts worth the splurge. From here, you can go island hopping to more beaches, islands and snorkeling spots nearby.

4. Oslob Whale Sharks

Among the famous attraction in Cebu City is sightseeing and swimming with whale sharks in Oslob or what locals call as the “Tuki.”

Oslob is a popular municipality in Cebu that has attracted quite a massive tourist influx over the years. It is best known for its old churches as well as scenic and relaxing beaches. But, Oslob also became viral because of the gentle giants in its waters, the whale sharks.

Whale shark watching in Oslob has become part of the bucket lists of tourist when they visit Cebu, and that should be a part of yours too. Watching the whale sharks as the local fishermen feed them is quite a fascinating and a rare experience.

But if you want a greater adventure like other tourists, you can snorkel, dive, and swim with the whale sharks during their feeding time. Now, that would even be more of an adventure.

5. 10,000 Roses of Cebu

10000_rosesIn the Island of Mactan lies one of the famous tourist spots in the city, the 10,000 Roses of Cebu. This place has become viral in social media, gaining a lot of interests from both locals and tourists alike and to this day, it has become one of the must-see places in the city especially at night.

The 10,000 Roses of Cebu can be better experienced at night as these 10,000 roses are not your typical roses. They are 10,000 LED-powered roses that surround a cafe. It’s a great place to go to watch the sunset and the roses start to light up by then, which is quite a sight to behold.

You won’t get hungry if you visit this place too as there is a cafe offering sumptuous food to match the lovely and sweet view during the dusk.

6. Sirao Flower Garden

In a more elevated spot in Cebu, particularly in the Busan area, you can get a quite similar feel when traveling in the highlands and fields in the Netherlands. The Sirao Flower Garden is one of Cebu’s best outdoor spot and tourist attraction. This place is named and quite popularly called as “The Little Amsterdam.” It features a wide field of “Burlas” as called by the locals or more commonly known as celosia.

The flowers in the garden are of different colors of red, yellow, purple, and orange, which all in all, are very fascinating to look at.

Making it more scenic, the Siarao Flower Garden put up a windmill, and with the combination of cool wind, this place offers a unique touristy feel for everyone.

7. Osmeña Peak

In South Cebu, if you are more of the outdoorsy type and looking for an adventure, you will surely get a thrill climbing the Osmeña Peak.

This place is the highest point in the whole island, standing at about 1,013 meters above sea level, and should be part of your Cebu City tour itinerary. This site is for the adventurer part in you with the sharp protruding peaks of limestone, providing a scenic view up the hill.

This peak is part of the city’s Mantalongon range, which is deemed as the twin to the equally famous Chocolate Hills of Bohol.

Main activities in this spot include camping and hiking. There are two hiking trails you can choose from, and one passes by another famous tourist spot in the city, the Kawasan Falls.

8. Sumilon Island Sandbar

sumilon-beachAnother spot to visit if you are in or near in Oslob, Cebu is the picturesque Sumilon Island Sandbar. While this spot is a little small than other islands that you can visit in Cebu, it can give you a unique experience and is perfect for picture taking too.

The Sumilon Island Sandbar features pristine white sands surrounded by clear azure waters. This place is very popular for tourists especially with the mesmerizing and photogenic tropical paradise you can experience in the place.

The Sumilon Island Sandbar is privately owned by a resort, and while you can visit the sandbar during the day, you won’t be able to spend the night there unless you are checked in at the resort.

Day tour trips in the Sumilon Island Sandbar include various activities from hiking to fishing, paddling, and snorkeling.

9. Kawasan Falls

In Badian Municipality in the south of Cebu lies the breath-taking Kawasan Falls. You can pass through this when you hike to the Osmeña Peak. But, if hiking is not one of your best interests, you can always go directly to the falls via a different route.

The Kawasan Falls is one of the best places to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a perfect spot to unwind and relax with its cold waters and breathtaking view. It features a three-tier cascade of clear water, which streams from the springs of the Mantalongon mountain range.

This place is excellent for picture taking, and when you’re there, you will surely be tempted to swim, jump, and climb through the streams. Canyoneering is also a popular activity in the Kawasan Falls.

10. Tumalog Falls

Are you ready for falls-hopping adventure? Once you have visited the Kawasan Falls, you might also consider going to Tumalog Falls. Or if you are done swimming with the whale sharks in Oslob, only a few kilometers will bring you to this yet another awesome spot in Cebu.

Cebu locals have several names for Tumalog Falls. Some call it the “Thambak Falls” while others call it the “Toslob Falls.”

The Tumalog Falls feature curtain-like waterfalls where clear and cool water covers the entire cliff. The moss that abundantly grows in the rocks of the cliff filter the water and also gives the waterfall its curtain effect.

11. Pescador Islands

Another must-see spot in the south of Cebu is the coast of Moalboal where you can see, experience, and enjoy the calming scenery of the Pescador Island. It is one of Cebu’s pride and a famous diving spot.

Looking for places that can give you the thrill of cliff diving into clear aquamarine waters? The Pescador Island reef features a sandy slope that is mainly made of soft coral that ranges from 5 to 10 meters in height.

Moreover, if you want to unleash your inner adventure seeker, the island also has about a total of 40 meters drop from a wall covered by hard corals. But, this place is not just about diving and swimming in the water. There are also various attractions once you’ve dived into the water, so it’s better that you ready your underwater camera. You will see different fishes and other aquamarine species as well as the beautiful coral formations.

Pescador Island should be on top of your itinerary in Cebu if you enjoy diving and underwater adventure.

12. Meet The Hottest Girl In Cebu

hottest-girl-in-cebuCebu is home to some of the most beautiful women in the Philippines.

You can find these women everywhere. Out at night in the bars and clubs. Or even during the day at the beaches and mountains.

13. Cebu Lechon

If you’re ever in Cebu, you should never forget to the try the famed Cebu lechon. The city offers the best-tasting roast pig you can ever try, and as what the late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain said Cebu is the home of the best-tasting pig ever.

14. Danggit

Aside from lechon Cebu, danggit or dried fish is one of the city’s pride. It is a staple in most local breakfasts, and you can definitely buy some to bring back home with you.

15. Dried Mango

The dried mangoes of Cebu are popular in a lot of countries, and the city is the major distributor of this delicacy in the Philippines. Aside from dried mangoes, you can also find tamarind candies and mango juice concentrates.

16. Bibingka

Going to Cebu, you should try their bibingka, one of the city’s famous traditional delicacies. It is made from coconut milk, milled glutinous rice, sugar, and margarine and is usually eaten for breakfast or as a snack.

Other bibingka options you can find in the city include one made of cassava instead of glutinous rice flour.

17. Chicharon

cebu chicharonYou should never leave Cebu City without trying or buying the sinful but tasty pork rind or chicharon of Cebu. It is crispy and succulent, which can be perfect as a snack. You can find a lot of chicharon outlets in the city, but Carcar is the most famous for producing the best tasting chicharon in Cebu.

Cebu is home to an awesome variety of places to see & experience

Cebu has everything you would want in a travel destination. Beautiful beaches, modern city sights, local festivals, amazing waterfalls, hiking trails, heritage sites, delicious food, wonderful people and more.

If you ever get the chance to travel to or drop by Cebu. Go for it. Spend a few days exploring the different places around the island.

This comprehensive Cebu travel guide will make it easy for you to plan an itinerary and make the most of your time.

18. Otap

Otap is a home-grown delicacy of Cebu. It is a sugar-coated, crisp, and flaky biscuit that is perfect to bring back from the city.

19. Rosquillos

Titays-RosquillosRosquillos are Cebu’s very own butter cookies that you can bring home. One of the stores in the city has been producing these home-baked cookies since 1907. You can find this in “pasalubong” shops and supermarkets in Cebu.

20. Masareal

Another famous delicacy of Cebu is the Masareal, rectangular goodness made from peanuts and sugar syrup.

21. Peanut Broas

This dessert is another home-grown delicacy of Cebu City, Cebu’s unique version of the Lady Fingers.