When Fishes Bite Back…

They say Karma’s a bitch. Well in this case, it’s a whole bunch of toes-attacking guppies. Last weekend, my friends and I paid an unintentional visit to the Pavilion. And our curiosity, actually it was Liz’s idea, that lead us to KENKO REFLEXOLOGY & FISH SPA. Yup, you read right. A fish spa. It’s a place where silly and curious little monkeys like me end up dipping our toes into a pool/tank and feeding silly lil fishes with some dead skin.


These lil irritating buggers are called ‘Garra Rufa’, or better known to the Turks as DR. FISH, are like a school of eetsy-bitsy piranhas which attacks any piece of human flesh that goes in the tank. They apparently peck away at dead and diseased skin, cleaning your feet and leaving them glowing. Well, apparently! Either they didn’t do a good job except bitting blindly at my toes or I was just not doing it right. Didn’t do much for me, except that they kept tickling me and unleashing the occasional squeals and giggles; and sending little electric jolts up my spine. Aren’t spas supposed to be relaxing to say the least? Seriously, I’m never going back! Was the most torturous 30-mins spent in any Spa! I rather have these lil fellas served on a plate. Better yet, deep-fried and sprinkled over a nice plate of fried rice.

Guess I wasn’t the only one squirming! See what my partner in foolish-fish-crime, drownedglass has to say about the experience.

P/S: Special message for Liz, “Fish you lah!” Hehe

2 Responses to When Fishes Bite Back…
  1. Fable Frog
    February 3, 2008 | 8:35 pm

    tried it! and i agree, that there is no difference before and after the treatment~ but don’t you think it’s like cool~ in a way?? haha well, at least now you can say you’d tried it~ and bitch about it! LOL

  2. lis
    February 4, 2008 | 5:11 am

    dont bluff la. i know u had fun! Never heard you giggling so much before. Ahaha!