The Dish on 2007

Now, we sit at the tail end of the year. It is an inevitable time for us to ponder on all that has happened in the past 12-months. For many it is a time of reflection while others they can’t wait for the year to be over and done with. Whichever side of the polar you are on, I hope 2007 has been an eventful year for you as it has been for me.

In January, 2007 started off as just another year for me. I was really thinking that it would be just that. Another year of mundane chores, selling cheesy Euro-dance acts, enduring endless wrath from a complete dickhead who wants to rule the world and living an obscure life with my partner. Who would have guess that this lil’ monkey’s life was about to take a 360-degree turn around by December!

Firstly I started this particular blog and shared my joy of consuming food and making collages from pretty pictures. Though this website has by far less readers compared to other Malaysian floggers‘, alilfatmonkey has landed me a personal column on Twentyfour7. Who would’ve thought? Then there was the part where I quit my job to take a complete different career path in an industry which is a stranger to me. This was also the year that I’ve been placed IN CHARGED of my F.O.M.L’s wedding, that I’m no longer considered as skinny but apparently “just nice”, that I got my trusted MacBook and this is the year that I am finally able to take more than 10-days off in December!

“First I was afraid, I was petrified…but (frankly) now, I turn my head up…”

By no mean these feats are anything in comparable to anything our cute spaceman has done, but by far, this has to be the best year ever despite recent setbacks. I’m Mr. Happy. Well, hope is a great thing isn’t it? Here’s to hoping that 2008 will be one to remember too.

Well, it’s also my turn to make a list of my pickings and highlights for 2007:

BEST FOOD DESTINATION: Hanoi, pho’s just irresistable there!

BEST FOOD ROAD TRIP: Penang, whether in a BMW ONE Series and non-stop eating from one hawker to the next, celebrating a dear friend’s birthday or just for Malay food, I’m glad I ventured up north a few times this year.

GUILTY PLEASURE OF THE YEAR: Doughnuts… Big Apple‘s to blame for the craze

BEST PRESSIE: Lil cupcakes that oozes sunshine, love and all the colours of a rainbow in them. Such lil bundle of joys they are!

BEST HOMECOOKED MEAL: Tough choice between Keith’s fabulous Risotto and Ken’s invention of Cashew-Pesto Grilled Chicken

FEAR-FACTOR MOMENT OF THE YEAR: H?t v?t l?n, that’s Vietnamese for Balut (Fetal Duck Egg). Had the whole mind over matter thing going on when I came face to face with this.

BEST COFFEE: Starbuck’s Toffee Nut Latte, arguably not the best coffee in the world but its a different story when it’s specially delivered after pulling an all-nighter!

BEST “SECRET” FOUND: Restaurant Bukit Tinggi BBQ; who would imagine a seafood heaven nestled at the foothills of Genting Highlands. One of the best grilled chicken is also served here.

BEST DESSERT: Death By Chocolate from Just Heavenly. The name says it all.

Best Comfort Food: Mum’s special Banana & Bread Pudding! So heart warming and pleasurable

MOST FUN PLACE TO HAVE A MEAL: Palate Palette; vibrant, colourful, bohemian, and eclectic – kinda how I’d like my life in general

BEST BRUNCH PLACE: Fogal’s Meat Market at Plaza Damas, because Meat rules!

So, that’s my list of how I would love to remember 2007 by – the unique and fantastic dishes found. So what’s your’s? (consider yourself tag with this 2007 BEST FOOD PICK me-me if you’re reading this!)

Well, this monkey is now headed down South for the rest of the year, so see you guys in 2008! HAPPY NEW YEAR folks!

2 Responses to The Dish on 2007
  1. Kenny Mah
    December 26, 2007 | 3:02 am

    Hehe, considering I’m not a flogger, I doubt I’ll have enough (or any, even) material for a 2007 BEST FOOD PICK meme. I was thinking of a 2007 FLASHBACK of sorts though. We’ll see what I come up with… ;)

    P.S. Me envies you… I went from “just nice” to skinny pulak! *groans*

  2. seventh stranger
    December 28, 2007 | 5:52 am

    lilmonkey, i have to agree about the pho. i had mine at ho chin minh. it was so good that i had another bowl. no kidding. but the best part is that, it wont keep u full too long. and the best part is that, it’s so cheap! truly one of the best i’ve tasted other than in singapore la.
    other than the balot in manila, which i dare not try, your home cooked food spread at the parties looks good or is it just your camera skills. damn, am hungry!