Sweet Sensation…

For the uninformed, last Sunday was my birthday. Yes, it’s that special day that only comes once every year when you are officially reminded of your actual age (I just turned 21 by the way). Close friends and loved ones would go all out of their way and gather together just to rub your age in your face, and before you know it you’ll be over the hill next. And for some unknown and strange reason, friends like to call this ritual of mauling a “Celebration“. And the worst kind of these ‘celebrations’ your friends could ever throw for you is the publicly-humiliating TGI FRIDAY‘s kind. Thank God my friends actually love me too much to give me such an honour.

Well, all is not lost. Growing up another year means having more sweets and cakes on your birthday, and yes multitudes of gifts to compensate for being older. And this year, I’ve actually had not ONE, TWO or THREE but THIRTY SEVEN cakes! How’s that for growing up? See kids, being older does have it perks.

Birthday Cupcake Surprise

The first 36 cakes came in a nice windowed box and was delivered in a gangsta-mobile by the fabulous chic from the ghetto (who else?). And yes, she technically got me 36 cakes…cup cakes to be precise. I’ve had cupcakes before, but never this good (seriously!). Home-made, personalized designs, not too sweet in taste (sesuai for people who are growing older) and most importantly moist in texture, these lil’ chocolate cupcakes were literally a box filled sunshine, flowers, rainbow and lhearts. It’s what I call happiness in a box! And what a great gift it was! Can you feel the lurve?

Sweet Sensation

And finally, the 37th cake for my birthday this year was a very old school chocolate cake from Australian Cake House courtesy of Ken. You see, when I was a kid, this ALL AMERICAN CHOCOLATE CAKE was the ultimate cake around. It was pure indulgence. And after all these years, I’m surprised to say that it probably still is the best one around. Rich and heavy in chocolate, nobody makes cake like this any more. Not in our health cautious society. Well folks, you’ve no idea what you’re missing! Look at the moist chocolate cake (mind u, it’s not sponge) layered with tons of chocolate (not choc-flavoured cream) and topped with a coat of pure chocolate! Even, Ms.Read would have to eat her heart out with this winner!

Birthays are always a sweet affair…can’t wait for more battering next year.

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