Soon Fatt(er)

Restaurant Soon Fatt

Recently a friend highly recommeded me to have a meal over at Sri Petaling in a restaurant called Soon Fatt. Being all unfamiliar with the area, I had no idea he was referring to a place where I’ve actually ate at some 3 years ago. Although not much recollection of the food there, I decided it was great to give it a try.

Being a Sunday night, families were out in throngs and seats were limited. We had to resort to standing closely next to a table and staring down a couple to finish up their meal faster so we can have a place to eat. After 5 minutes of dagger-starring that would make any bitchy Gong-Li character proud, the unsuspecting couple called for the bill and fled the scene faster than you can call out Fernando Alonso’s name.

For a place with more than 40-odd tables to feed, we didn’t had to wait long for out dinner to arrive. Thanks to the efficient pre-order while you wait for a table system, we soon had our table filled with Pineapple Ribs, Banana Leaf Fish and Squid topped with Spicy Asam (tamarind) Sauce, Boiled Spinach Soup and Salted Egg Yolk Prawns.

Safe for the Prawns, everything else was tasty and great. The lackluster prawn, being the most expansive dish, was rather disappointing. Firstly, the prawn was not very fresh and it was overcooked. And worst of all, the sauce wasn’t dried enough. So what did we get? A couple of limp prawns swimming in a puddle of egg yolk sauce. Not very appetizing now is it? But thank God for the fish dish, which was interesting as the sauce was cooked together with the freshest of Squids and also the Spinach soup, which had a generous amount of chinese cooking wine making it totally aromatic and pleasant.

Overall a satisfying meal and definitely worth the trouble driving all the way again.

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