Being a big fan of DELICIOUS by Ms Read, I was naturally anticipating for their new franchise to start business. And when D’Lish finally opened its doors recently, I gushed my way in to try on some goodies.

D'Lish cafe

The place looks more simple and subdued compared to Delicious and while retaining the whole cafeteria look and concept. Food here are meant to be served fast and for you to consumed it under 20minutes all in all. Perfect for quick lunches when you crave for some pastas and salads.

What really humoured and entertained me was the quirky lines and copies created for each individual products. It does add casual feel to the whole place. And even the place-mats has a really funny crossword puzzle to keep you busy while they prepare your food.

D'Lish Desserts

And just like Delicious, D’Lish serves sinful desserts which would definitely be the highlight of your meal there. My favourites would have to be the yummylicious cupcakes which are moist and rich – definite cure to a stressful day. Personal choices are the Banana Peanut Butter, Sticky Date Pudding, White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Cheese Ivory with Raspberry, Snowy Coconut…God, I can’t be naming them all right? *dreamy eyes* A bite of this cakes, does help makes the week pass much faster.

On top of that, the price of the cupcakes are really reasonable, RM6.90 each. However, if you drop by after 9pm, you will enjoy a 50% discount off any items from the bar (practically everything!). Bargain indeed. Delicious Group is doing this franchise very good justice, can’t wait to try out their other restaurants: REUNION (chinese-fusion restaurant) and DISH (Delicious’ attempt at doing 5-star dining.

Post Script: D’Lish in Mid Valley Megamall has been renovated and turned into a Delicious from Jan 2009. You can find D’Lish at Bangsar Village still.

3 Responses to Simply…D’Lish!
  1. drownedglass
    September 12, 2007 | 3:17 pm

    Delicious. Delish. Dish.

    I just hope the next one won’t be called Duh.

    P/S: I really need to get back to KL if just to try the desserts in Delish :P

  2. savante
    September 16, 2007 | 1:17 am

    Reunion! What a cool name! Where is that opening?

  3. qwazymonkey
    September 16, 2007 | 5:57 am

    DG: yeah you have no idea what you’re missing all the way up north! Let’s go for some soon when you’re back

    Savante: Reunion just opened in Bangsar Village II. Have yet to tried it though. Do tell me how it is if you have first. :)