Sick-Man’s Food

It’s one of ‘em crazy weeks. You know the sorta week when you’re super buzy and job requires you to be physically active and your body then decides to fall ill minutes before the clock strikes midnight on a Sunday night. That’s how it was for me. I sneezed the moment it was Monday and by the time I woke up and walk into the office, I could barely speak properly due to my cold.

So, trying to recover from a fever/cold and yet trying to gain energy for the job was kinda crazy. The first few days of the week was just typical sick-man food. Warm, non-solid and ‘clear’ tasting good ol’ Teochew porridge at Damansara Utama. Not that I’m complaining, it’s one of my favourite places in the world for a meal…I mean what’s there not to like about this place?

DU Teochew Porridge.JPG

Look at the spread, there’s tons of choice to choose from. Don’t you think it’s the most appetising sick-man food ever?


I stick to my regular Preserved Mustard (Ham Choy), Anchovies, Stewed Tofu, Spinach, and Choy Po Omelette. A very satisfying meal considering when my taste and smell senses were put on cold storage by the pesky flu. And all these for only RM10…and that’s for two pax including drinks. What a bargain!

The second part of the week saw my work stationed at Bangsar mostly. It was a blessing that Marmalade was around the corner, and my appetite was starting to come back eventhough I was recovering at a tortoise speed. Marmalade over at Bangsar Village II serves up very “home style” dishes which was perfect – need some comfort food and feel lurve.

Marmalade Chicken Stew.jpg

First came the Country Styled Chicken Stew with potato, carrots and brocolli, it doesn’t get any more hearty than this. It’s actually a very very comforting dish especially when you’re not feeling well. The feeling of a warm and hearty soup running down the inside of your throat slowly melting away your cold is just heavenly.


Here’s a nutritious twist to the good old Ham & Cheese sandwich…the Ham, Spinach & Cheese! The secret to this delicious sandwich was the honey dijon mustard spread! Doesn’t it look like rabbit food?

Marmalade Apple Crumble.jpg

And of cos a huge slice of Apple Crumble would make your day a much nicer one. But seriously, even if I weren’t sick, I don’t think I could finish this whole slice by myself. It looked like they gave you a quarter of a pie. Makes you feel like grandma just baked a pie especially just for you. With such treats hard to see why a sick boy can’t get better right?

And by the end of the week, what does the 80% recovered boy does? Celebrate with some sinfully good dessert of cause! *evil grin*



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  1. drownedglass
    June 18, 2007 | 1:44 pm

    Ooh.. that Country Style Chicken Soup looks so goooood!