Siam Fair @ Hartmas Shopping Centre

Thinking of what eat on a lazy Sunday can be challenging at times. It’s the only day of the week when you’re not really required to use your head - just feed me! So stumping into the mini Siam Fair over in Hartamas Shopping Centre was a surprise blessing.

Thai Food Fair

Lead by a tangy smell of Tom Yum in the air, we followed our nose and headed for the food. At the fair a small corner was set up to resemble the Thai’s market place where street side food stalls.

Noodle Stall

Unpretentious and rustic looking, we sat down and ordered. Don’t worry the people behind the stores are native Thais, but they speak excellent English, Bahasa and even Chinese!

Fried Snacks

For starters, the packets of fried snacks stacked in front of us seems irresistable – we ordered a combination of Crunchy Shrimps, Fish Cake and Spring Rolls (RM5) which was served with a nice drizzle of Thai Sweet Chili Sauce.

Song Tam

Next was the Song Tam (Thai Mango Salad; RM5). A generous portion of fresh and sour mango was tossed together in a sweet&sour dressing and topped with fried anchovies. A lil on the sour side, but very authentic in taste.

Siamse Laksa

The Siamese Laksa (coconut based tangy seafood nodle soup; RM5) was a mouth-watering spicy dish to say the least. I would highly recommend it as a great alternative to the regular Tom Yum noodles. As if we were eating under the hot sun in Bangkok’s back alley, we were sweating by the end of this meal even in this air-conditioned mall area!

Dessert Stall

Nothing says cooling down then a cold order of Thai Coconut and Thap Thim Krawp (Mock Promegranate Seeds [made of water-chestnuts] in Coconut Ice Syrup; RM3)

Mango & Glutinous Rice

Dessert called for some traditional Manggo Glutinous Rice with Coconut Cream. Comes in two variation, normal rice or pandan flavoured. You’re allowed to mixed them up.

Making Thai Pancake

Upon leaving the fair, couldn’t helped but noticed the uncle making some Thai pancakes(RM 3 for 5pcs) similar to our crunchy apams.

Thai Pancake Close Up

Made of coconut-based batter, topped with sweetened coconut cream and egg floss. Makes pretty good snacks!

Thai Coconut Pancake

If you have no idea where to head for a meal in the next two weeks, do head over to there for some authentic Thai food! The Siam Fair at Hartamas Shopping Centre in Paza Damas ends on 22nd May 2007.

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  1. Anonymous
    May 18, 2008 | 1:58 am

    OMG!! I miss Thai food like crazy…:'(