Potatoes & Donuts

Never thought you’ll see ever potatoes and donuts in a title together now will ya? Well, there it is now in full HTML glory! And you must be wondering what all this is about now right?

Technically, this isn’t a food posting. All relationships with food stops at the title above. This is about the coolest piece of pop culture history that I have the pleasure to call my own. This post is about only the best toys merchandises ever made for any movies. It does pay to have your birthday and farewell in a timely manner.

Optimash Prime

Firstly, let’s talk about this potato in disguise. Yes, it is MR. POTATO HEAD dressed up as the fearless leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime. Don’t you think it’s just incredible? Ok, weird maybe, but look at it. It’s Optimash Prime! Beats any of those plastic transformer toys out there now. Gimme the old school die-cast ones anytime. Until then, this OPTIMASH PRIME (courtesy of Ahli Fiqir) rules. Definitely more than meets the fry!

The Simpsons Movie Donut T-shirt

And yes, Donut is for Homer Simpson and the folks of Springfield as take you on their hilarious journey on the big screen. Chuck the popcorns away y’all and get your hands on these greasy donuts: since it’s printed on the LIMITED EDITION T-Shirt and again on the poster and the premier tickets was aptly a half eaten donut. Would you have expected anything else? And get your own donuts. I’m not sharing mine!

So the next time you plan to have a birthday or a farewell, time it well. Hopefully close to blockbuster releases like Thundercats and M.A.S.K. You’ll never know what your friends might just surprise you with. Here, to hoping!

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