Parcels and Packages

They say that things are usually more appealing when wrapped, even they were just wrapped in plain brown paper and tied up in strings. Unvieling the package is always part of the fun. You can only blame it on Santa and his colourful wrapped presents!

So when it came to Bak Chang season, you can imagine te grin on my face. For the uninformed, Bak Chang is basically a form of chinese dumpling filled with glutinous rice, stewed meat (usually pork), lentils, chestnuts and salted egg yolk wrapped together in banana leave and steamed to perfection. It’s always exciting to open up the (oily) leaves to see which variation I’ll be getting on that day. My favourites are still the Hokkien and Nyonya variations. The sweet ones aren’t half as bad either.

Bak Chang

Half way around the Peninsular on the same weekend that Chinese around the world celebrates Meat Dumpling day, I found myself facing with a cute lil parcel in Temerloh, Pahang. This little cute package contains a local variation of a popular sweet delicacy found here in Malaysia. The Kueh Koci is usually made from glutinous flour and filled with cooked desiccated coconut in thick syrup and again, wrapped in banana leave and cooked over charcoal. You see, the locals believe that the banana leaf gives any food an extra aromatic kick. The Temerloh version had an extra bit, it was cooked together with extra Santan (Coconut Milk) giving this lil delight an edge in terms of taste. Yummmm…, remember to get your hands on some if you’re ever passing through this sleepy town.

kueh koci temerloh

One Response to Parcels and Packages
  1. drownedglass
    July 2, 2007 | 2:32 pm

    LOL. It’s not actually called the ‘Meat Dumpling Festival’ you dodo! It’s Duan Wu Festival, after the poor sod who got thrown into a river and the villagers tried to prevent his body from being eaten by fish by feeding them dumplings… or something like that :P