Palate Palette: A Colourful Meal

Where do I begin? The splashes of red, yellow, blue and green paints? Half chiseled out wall with the cutest drawings on them? The multiple locks and peepholes on the tall bathroom doors? The mish mash of new colourful chairs and bar stools mixed in together with a few eccentric choice of antique pieces like they were rescued from some flea market nearby? Or was it the paint brush chandeliers? Ultimately, it must have been the crazy style peppered with a kooky attitude that greets you as you enter this cozy little restaurant that makes this place an excellent place for a meal or just to chill.

Wonderful nook

PALATE PALETTE, a clever play of homonym, is definitely a breathe of fresh air to KL’s same ol’ same ol’ dining landscape. The menu offers a nice selection of fusion dishes with a slight Asian influence.

The Interior

Slurp down thier signature MUSHROOM CAPUCCINNO (RM18) which is served in a nice coffee cup and topped with white milk foam. This utterly delicious blend of different mushroom will have you licking the cup til the last drop.
Mushroom Cappuccino

Just as impressive, the SEAFOOD CHOWDER (RM17) was a delight. Tasting somewhere between a New Orlean clam chowder and a tom yum soup thanks to its heavy use of kaffir lime leaves and hot paprika will warm you up for what’s next to come.
Seafood Chowder

Next came the heavenly comforting CURRY CHICKEN POT PIE (RM16) which reminds you of a Japanese curry infused with chicken cubes, green peas, carrots and a crumbly puff pastry floating on top, is like music to your tummy!
Curry Chicken Pot Pie

We also managed to try the GRILLED THAI BEEF (RM19) served with cabbage salad is a little dissapointing as it is drowned in a super-sweet soya sauce and chili sauce mixture. Thankfully, the chef decided to serve us some freshly bake pizza-dough sesame bun and some home-made garlic butter. This managed to offset the ‘over-tasty’ dish.
Thai Grilled Beef
Pizza Dough Sesame Bun with Homemade Garlic Butter

As always, dessert was a hard choice to make eventhough they had a short list to choose from, In the end we went ahead with the PETIT GREEN TEA MILLE FEUILLE (RM13) and the TOASTED CARROT CAKE (RM12) which were both very good.
The Petite Green Tea Mille Feuille
Toasted Carrot Cake

With a gusty passion to making you giddy with happiness and promoting pleasure to your life, Palate Palette is just simply a colourful experience. I do hope they succeed and live long enough for me to call it a weekend home away from home (it has wi-fi too, so bring along your laptops!).

Mirrors we Love!
What’s there NOT to like about a place when you look into the mirror and it tells you you’re gorgeous even after pigging out!

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