One Noodle House

With having a whole week away from work, that just means more food adventures! *evil grin*

After a nice morning spent at the pool, I was craving for some dim-sums. The good kind mind you. And Ken recommended that we head over to One Noodle House in SS2. I hesitated at first, cos my first experience there with me colleagues weren’t all that great afterall. But with the closure of the nearby LITTLE DIM SUM PLACE, One Noodle House was the only other option. Owned by KTZ (yea, the same dessert place), but a whole different concept all together.

The place seems full for during lunch time, which is often a good indication that food’s good. But then again Ken’s taste isn’t all that bad now is it? Sufice to say, this place went beyond my expectations today. Here’s what we had:

Polo Char Siu Bao
Char-Siu Polo Bun, great alternative to the regular steamed char-siu baos!

Shanghainese Lil Dragon Baos
Xiao Loong Bao, super juicy with a good soft skin which holds the soup intact without breaking. The chef’s quite skillful I must say, so far so good!

Yi Heong Kat Zhi Bo
The good ol Claypot Eggplant was good despite the heat which nearly burnt every little one of our tastebuds

Golden Fried Rice
Look at the Golden Fried Rice…aren’t you hungry already?

Ham Sui Kok
Ham Sui Kok (Salt-Water Dumpling) was kinda ok. It’s my first time trying it. It’s actually a fried (what’s chinese and ain’t fried eh?) glutinous dumpling filled with miched pork (yup, it ain’t halal!) Wasn’t my fave amongst all dishes, but ok overall.

So, yeah, One Noodle House was not what I expected it to be. It’s actually way better in service and food quality now. Have a go, you might like it too!

One Response to One Noodle House
  1. drownedglass
    May 2, 2007 | 2:54 am

    ooh… the char siu polo pao and the xiao loong bao looked really yummy. Either that, or your pics turned out real well :)

    Let’s go!