MAP Arts Festival, Solaris Dutamas: Mapping Creativity in the City

Let’s give the food posts a break. It’s the weekend after all.

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Arts elitists watch out as KL’s lastest arts platform runned by MAP has opened its doors. Located in the newly developed Solaris Dutamas, a new business and residential area which aims to bring multiple aspects together. Once the entire development is ready, apartment blocks will stand tall alongside office towers and a giant spaces for arts and culture. I’ve even read that visitors can even expect an Art Row, an Art Piazza, an Art Park and even 17 artist-designed public toilets! Hope it won’t be license for guys to artistically pee on the wall.

As reported on NST Online, “Central to this project is MAP, the team that will be helming art activities in the area. Its name was chosen for the word’s topographical connotations and because it projects the image of mapping a cultural terrain for all Malaysians“.

And as an introduction to this new platform, a 2-day arts festival has been organised with activities including music, art, sculpture, performances, installations, talks, workshops and art markets alongside social and individual empowerment activities. The festival will introduce MAP’s two spaces: a 6,000 sq ft gallery and a 200-seater experimental theatre named the White Box and Black Box respectively.

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Of all the art collections on display, I was personally very intrigued by the ART DRUM PROJECT.

The Art Drum Project was the first batch of a series of urban art installations that is placed around the development where MAP is located. 20 wooden cable drums were retrieved from the construction site of MAP. Artists were invited to work over two weekends preceding the MAP Arts Festival to transform these wooden drums into art.

Participating artists includes: Anthonie Chong, BLAM, Daniel Chong, Donald Abraham, Ili Farhana & Bebe, Iskandar Razak, Ng Kim Peow, KLickr, Igor & Frankie, Lost Generation Art Space, Nizam Rahmat, Poodien, Saiful Razman & Azmin Hussein, Samsudin Wahab, Sharaad Kuttan, Sharon Chin & Zedeck Siew, Shieko Reto, Suddin Lappo, Ali Nurazmal, Zulkiflee Zainul Abidin and The Best Art Show in The Univers

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Head over to my flickr gallery for more pictures from the event.


MAP arts festival starts from 2pm, 27th March 2010 and will end at midnight, 28 March 2010.  Admission is free to all events.
MAP is located in Solaris Dutamas. Details can be obtained via their website,

8 Responses to MAP Arts Festival, Solaris Dutamas: Mapping Creativity in the City
  1. msiagirl
    March 27, 2010 | 4:58 pm

    So cool you went along to this. Did you see my friends, Poetry Underground perform?

  2. ciki
    March 28, 2010 | 12:10 am

    lovely! hehe.. have u seen mine? LOL

  3. thenomadGourmand
    March 28, 2010 | 1:53 am

    So this was what MAP was about!
    Very suitable for u no? Does it give u inspiration? I mean, seriously, for an art person like yrself? Cos fr eg; me find it hard to even think of anythin "creative" – say a catchy tagline for a project..VERY FAIL! ;p

  4. Yin
    March 29, 2010 | 12:29 am

    Eh…next time u go, call me. I can zoom out in 5 mins :)

  5. J
    March 29, 2010 | 1:16 am

    Quirky and interesting.. :)

    But *lol* the photo of the guy in the purple dress+pink hat (with hairy chest somemorrrrreee… eeeee…) is quite scary!

  6. qwazymonkey
    March 29, 2010 | 1:32 am

    Msiagirl: We didn't stay for long cos we were actually just there for lunch and chance upon it.

    Ciki: Have YOU seen mine? :P

    TNG: The works aren't particularly inspiring, but being in a creative environment does in some ways I guess. Haven't felt that way since art college

    Yin: We didn't even know we were going. Was there for lunch and tiba-tiba got these things.

    J: Mwahahaha… It's art lah!

  7. Sean
    March 29, 2010 | 4:13 am

    crouching android, not-so-hidden monkeys!
    gosh, judging from the facebook photos that i've seen, nearly half of kl's residents went to solaris dutamas over the weekend! unfortunately i missed it, but i'm hopeless at appreciating art anyway =)
    hope u guys managed to get your nasi kerabu fix!

  8. ~Christine~Leng
    April 1, 2010 | 1:36 pm

    Art Festival? :)
    oops. ended already :(