Lil Thai Snacks

It’s the little stuff that sometimes make the biggest impression. And these lil Thai snacks makes a good companion and alternative to the usual chips and popcorn on a Sunday DVD marathon at home. If you remember earlier in the month, I was at a Thai fair over at Hartamas Square, well, I did some shopping too and these are what I got:

Thai Anchovie Snacks
The Savoury Snack: A mix bag of Anchovies & Peanuts with fried with Kaffir Lime Leaves and Bird-Eye Chili. It’s perfect with Beer too if you’re a drinker.

Thai Banana Chips
The Sweet Snack: Caramelised Banana Chips with Sesame Seed. Aren’t they the cutest lil thing?

Definitely need to add them into the shopping basket when I find myself in Thailand next.

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