Island Randezvous: Day-2

We woke up to a really bright and beautiful Sunday. Through general consensus, we all had a really good rest thanks to a generous dinner the evening before. Fully recharged and ready for more food, Ivan’s Uni-mate Chea Hoi and her wonderful boyfriend, Irwin showed us her favorite weekend brunch haven in her hometown.

Lorong Bangkok
A couple of turns from the hotel, she led us to Lorong Bangkok where a little tiny shack, which was nestled alongside two rows of lovely looking colonial-looking pre-war double storey houses, was selling a local speciality called Roti Banghali (RM2). Curious to find out what this peculiar dish was named so, Chea Hoi ordered some for us try.

Roti Bengahli
This charcoal-grilled bread comes from a loaf which is shaped like a huge Punjabi turban, hence the name. The bread is then smothered with a huge amount of butter/margarine and is best eaten dipped in a cup of soft-boiled egg…quite delish actually.

Frying Mee Goreng Mamak
Across the street from the shack was a corner coffee-shop with thick smoke coming out from one corner. A closer look reveals a very famous Mee Goreng Mamak (Fried Yellow Noodle Indian-Muslim Style; RM3) store.

Mee Goreng Mamak
Looking at how this mamak guy was adding a special thick spicy peanut-potato sauce and sliced cuttlefish into a hot wok of yellow noodle and topped with some egg and bean-sprout will set any tongue wagging. Now, friends who know me would tell you that I’m no fan of yellow noodles or cuttlefish either, but truth behold, this is the BEST tasting Mee Goreng I’ve ever tasted – and I actually finished it!

Penang Hokien Mee
We continue to order (no surprise there innit?) a bowl of Penang Hokkien Mee (Prawn Noodles; RM3) and some curry noodle which were great too.

Curry Laksa
Trying to work off the food, we decided to do some touristy thing and support our government’s never-ending call to Visit Malaysia. The reclining Buddha, the Burmese temple and also Khoo Kongsi were on the agenda for the next two hours. Sweating under the hot afternoon sun, the divas in us started calling out for something cold and sweet. Chea Hoi, once again, did not disappoint by leading us to this dessert place. And yes, the air-con made a huge difference!

Leng Chee Kang
We ordered the Ling Chee Kang (RM2) and Black Glutinous Rice Soup (RM2) and found them to be not as sweet as the ones we were used to back home.

Black Gloutinous Rice Soup
It was a pleasant surprised and it did helped us to taste the true flavours of these dessert. As Ken later pointed out, this was actually a vegetarian store and was all about promoting a healthier eating lifestyle. And we also found out that the sugar syrup was optional if you wanted to sweetened things up.

Put Jai Go
The Poot Jai Go (Sweet cake steamed in a small bowl; RM1) served with desiccated coconut was also not very sweet and went well with the rest of the dessert we were having.

Sadly, this trip had to end here and we have to head back home. I must say, thanks to my lovely companions, this has been a wonderful trip and it has certainly changed my views of this island now. I have never been a fan of Penang before but something changed this time round. Somehow, I know we will make it back to Penang real soon.

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  1. Hypnosis Singapore
    April 26, 2007 | 11:19 am

    seemed that u,ken n company had a jolly good trip exploring Penang. I alway love Penang, Gurney hawker i have tried a few…your description of the mee goreng set me hunge-ry…cause i cant resist penut sauce…