Home-baked Chicken

Finally, a long weekend which I have been looking forward to has arrived. This long awaited Raya holiday was most welcome especially after a crazy month at work (now just which month isn’t crazy at work right?). With the other half being out of the country, I had all the time to myself with nothing to do. So, I thought I’ll work something in the kitchen. A simple dinner perhaps since I’m all lazy. i would have drive out for some take-away if I wasn’t that lazy.

Home Roast: Marinate!

So with only some chicken n the freezer and some pasta left, a one-pot wonder would be a great idea. Defrost chicken, bring out a huge bowl, pound some garlic, sprinkle some sea salt, squeeze in a whole lemon, drizzle loads of extra virgin oil, add some rosemary, and a tablespoon of butter (Yes, butter. Not margarine) and rub them all on the chicken. Give them a good massage before you leave it to marinate for a few hours.

Home Roast: Baking in the Oven

Pre-heat the oven to 200c for about 15 minutes before you start sending the chicken in for a good tan. Reduce temperature to about 180c and bake for about 45 minutes (depending on the size of the chicken pieces)

Home Roast: Ready

Remove from oven once cook. A cook piece of chicken can be determined by poking a meat tester in and you’ll see some clear juice coming out from the meat like sweat. And the skin should be brown and crispy with very little/none layer of fats.

Home Roast: Serving Suggestion

Cook some pasta Aglio Olio style to accompany the zingy and succulent roasted chicken! Damn, I feel like Jamie Oliver now! Maybe I should invite some friends over.

One Response to Home-baked Chicken
  1. seventh stranger
    October 20, 2007 | 3:47 am

    nice and simple! jamie oliver made everything easy, which is true!