High On The Hills…

Who would have guess that somewhere along the Karak Highway, right at the foot hills of Genting Highland sits a very well-known seafood and BBQ restaurant. It seems to the locals, Restaurant BBQ Bukit Tinggi is a well-known establishments and is famous for its “arrogance”. From what we gathered the owner of this unique restaurant, which was decorated with umbrellas and wine bottles, refuses to let anyone take away any of its food! Nope, no taking away is allowed! So order what you need and no doggy-bags or little aluminum swans. Curious to challenge the owner’s mentality, we asked for some directions. We soon found out why they kept to such policies.

Choices at BBQ Bukit Tinggi

For a 4-pax lunch, the owner recommended a Hoi Sin Bo (Seafood in a Pot) and 1/2 BBQ Chicken. He would not allow us to order any more than that and insisted that it was enough to fill us up. We took his word for it.

We were waited for a bit despite only having one other table in the house, out came the Hoi Sin Bo. Served in a double-boiler unit, the waiter opened up the lid to unveil a huge portion of orange-reddish Prawns, plump looking clams and the freshest crab money could buy. Somehow I had a feeling that these shell fishes were cook alive! The seafood was steamed right above a seafood stock (practically their own juices) and needed no seasoning whatsoever. They tasted so, so, so good as the dish relied on its own natural taste and freshness of its meat. Succulent was an understatement. Such luxury!

Hoi Sin Bo

After we were finished with the seafood, the waiter came to remove the top layer of the double-boiler unit. In the bottom level was the soup and seafood stock. Oyster Mushroom and Water-crest was then added in with a dash of Chinese cooking wine to give it that little kick. The result, a fabulous soup.

The last dish came a little later (more waiting), as if it was timed to let our palettes to be washed off with ample of tea so we’ll be able to taste how good the chicken was going to be. True indeed, the chicken was delicious beyond words. Marinated with high quality soy sauce and some Dong Guai, slow-baked over charcoal in a foil packet until the meat were tender, and finally, honey was rubbed on the skin and grilled to perfection. The meat was so juicy and tender. I’m not exaggerating but it was that good.

We all gave a “we will definitely bring our friends and families back” verdict, even before the bill came. We were really convinced with this restaurant and understands why the food couldn’t be packed away. The delicate taste of these unique dishes would have changed or deteriorate once cold or reheated. Who says there’s no quality control in our food outlets?

And when the bill came, we were all really happy. It was only RM120 for food and drinks! Not too bad now wasn’t that? And best of all, the place is not that far from KL. Take a weekend drive down the Karak highway, and turn off to JANDA BAIK right after the Genting tunnel. Follow the road and go under the Karak to the other side. You’ll see a BHP Station and the restaurant is right behind the petrol station.

Not too hard eh? Hope you get to try this well-kept secret at this area.

2 Responses to High On The Hills…
  1. Amazonman
    August 11, 2007 | 1:20 am

    Thanks for your comment on my blog pics. Appreciate it! There’s more to come….

    Btw, just looking at your foodie pics from Penang changed my ‘been there eaten that’ mentality about the island…. Now I wanna go back to the Pearl of The Orient for some serious chow down. Hehehe

  2. Kit
    August 27, 2007 | 7:49 pm

    i love your pictures here! makes me feel hungry just by looking at them. yum.

    definitely not good for my diet. haha