Grooving with Sushi

Apologies for not being able to make time to blog more food adventures. Been crazy over the last couple of weeks – running around interstates while getting my hands on a new job were a couple of highlights. But in any case, I’ll try to catch up with my posts in the next few days.

First stop, visited the much hyped about fusion/conceptual sushi joint in town, Sushi Groove. This chain store first opened its doors in Indonesia before making their way here is now opened in the new wing of 1 Utama.

Sushi Groove

Upon your first visit, you’ll first think that the place is more of a club than an eateries with this dark ambience and pop remixes which would fit in nicely in any (gay)dancefloors. The walls are illuminated by bright green streaks to give any feng tao joint a run for their money, coupled with a few long communal tables and some psuedo-Japanese zen furnishing…Sushi Groove is kinda like the McDonalds of Sushi restaurants – serving up mostly novelty “Happy Meals”.

Well, my visit was almost 3-weeks back, and the introduction menu was just small. So not much to enjoy except for Sushi, sushi and more sushi. With a few recommendations from the floor managers, we ordered the Curry Bambino (a hot pot of Rice topped with mild Japanese Tori Curry and Bonito flakes), which fell flat after a few bites. Up next were the creatively presented Unagi Roll, which came in a shape of a snake, and the prawn-headed Dragon Boat Maki. The former was pretty regular in taste. Only the Dragon Boat Maki was worth the try as it had a (surprisingly good) beef slice and prawn tempura combination topped with torched mayonaisse & cheese topping. Then again, Jap-mayo just make anything taste good doesn’t it?

If you fancy a meal in a cool place and don’t really care about the food, this is the place to head to. If not, may I suggest getting sushi from Isetan supermarkets.

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