Fong Lye: the Meeting Point

Fong Lye Monk

This new restaurant, named after the mythical inn of Fong Lye, is sure to draw in throngs of crowd as did the inn known as the meeting point. Serving mainly Taiwanese and Shanghainese cuisine, Fong Lye is fitted with a chic interior – simple and yet elegant without the pretentious gold trimmings and red columns found mostly at chinese restaurants – setting a perfect environment for the food the come. Concentrating on the taste rather than a heavy presentation, food here is again, simple and nice.

Appetizers & Tea

Upon arrival we were served with a very aromatic pot of Jasmine tea and starter was a choice between stewed peanuts or pickled mustard and chili. We went for the latter. Cured with heaps of vinegar, the pickle was really sour but yet it quicly helps to open up the senses on your taste buds. Well Chinese have long believe that sour appetizers help to set and open up ones appetite.

Fong Lye Great Four

We ordered 4 dishes, of which 2 were new addition to the menu: Stir fried four-angled beans with Anchovies & Lily Bulb, Peking Ribs, Lion Head & Vegetable Soup and the Claypot Brinjal with Minced Meat.

Four-Angled Beans & Lotus Bulb
The Four Angled bean dish is a typical Taiwanese dish and is a great order. The sweetness of the beans and lily bulb is complimented with the saltiness of the anchovies and a hint of spiciness from the Chili. Subtle, yet tasteful.

Peking Ribs
Peking Ribs the way I like it. Ribs stayed crispy to the last piece at the end of the meal and is coated with a nice layer of sauce that wasn’t too overpowering. Neither too sweet nor sour, and most of all the sauce wasn’t too watered down

Lion Head Soup
Chill, the lion head’s made of minced pork and some salted fish and cooked in a clear vegetable soup. Not bad for a new addition to the menu. Great dish for the kids.

The claypot brinjal didn’t quite make a pretty picture, but it was a perfect dish to have with rice. This one pot wonder is one of my favourite Chinese dish of all time and this place didn’t fail.

Fong Lye Palatte washer
After our meal, we were given a shot each of lemon juice with assam boi to wash our palattes off the taste and helps to clean our garlic breaths too. Wonderful addition to the service I’ll say.

Hmmm, should I still be having desserts?

Overall, it’s a great place to bring your family or friends to this place for a meal. It’s not very expensive and the food’s great. Just be prepared for a crowd on weekends. Go early or be like us and waltz in at 9pm.

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