What is this ‘A Lil’ Fat Monkey’ blog  all about?

I started blogging in 2007 as a way of documenting my eating habits and recording the places I’ve been eating at. Call it a gourmand’s diary if you must, but I must say it was a great way to help me remember and share the places and dishes with the people closest to me. I’m a man – not a long-limbed simian as the title of the blog would have you think  – obsessed with food, drink and everything in between. And while it is rather cliché to say this, I must admit that blogging has been one of the best things that I have ever experienced. I’ve been blessed to have met the most amazing people and tasted some of the best dishes from all over the world whilst writing, which I would have otherwise missed out on.

Why move to your own domain and why now?

After 4-years, I felt like I owed it to my monkey mascot to give it its very own home on the Word Wide Web. It hasn’t been easy to move out of the comforts of the old one, I assure you. However, the fact of the matter is, we had simply outgrown the safe havens of the blogspot neighbourhood and the time was ripe for my monkey alter-ego and I to take this next step and set up camp in a more flexible (and upscale) neighbourhood. I hope this new exercise will cater more to your needs and help you maneuver around and search for contents in an efficient manner.

What blogging platform do you use? 

I migrated to WordPress and designed the new space using the Headway Drag and Drop theme. Being an idiot who doesn’t find poetry in coding, I was increasingly frustrated with all the pre-designed themes available out there as they just didn’t  fit in with what I wanted or needed. So, I decided to work with Headway which allowed me to design the blog visually and shaped it however I wanted to.

Being pressed for time, I called in for help here and there. The new graphic elements you see on my site was designed by a team of fellow talented artsy-farts who call themselves Drawing Dreams. As their name suggest, they work like a dream. The site wouldn’t have launched as smoothly without the help of  @blogjunkie of Clicktolaunch.net. who helped with the backend bits and bobs. Thanks guys!

Do you do this blogging thing full time?

I’m still very much attached to my day job as a retail store designer for an international cosmetics company. I blog out of passion and I do this out of my own free time. I’m lucky that my bosses are supportive of my little hobby.

Are you a comic fan?

Truth be told, I’ve never really ventured out of the realms of newsprint comics like Beano, Dandy and fluff pieces like Archie. None of those cool macho Marvel or DC stuff for me. I guess their relentless fights in infinite parallel universes just boggles and intimidates me. I’ll take something with a more human reality any day – like Calvin & Hobbes. Speaking of which, I just gotten myself the entire collection of Bill Watterson’s much loved comic – hard-bound and comes in a spiffy box. Hurrah! So, yeah that’s just a long way of saying I’m a FAN!

Explain your own comical style?

What you see on the blog is what I’d call a pictorial-comic. As its name suggest, it is essentially a compilation of photographs from my many adventures laid out in a comical style using Comic Life. Putting them together physically doesn’t take too long, but conceptualising each of these panel requires a substantial amount of brain juice and inspiration. Care to be my muse?

What camera equipment do you use?

I get asked this quite a bit, so might as well answer them here. I shoot mostly using the Canon EOS 500D (or Rebel T1i in some countries) with 50mm 1.8/f and 17-50mm 2.8/f lenses. Of course an external flash gun is part of the illusion to make me look more professional too. On days when I don’t feel like lugging around 5kg worth of equipment, I’d rely on my trusty iPhone 4 using the Hipstamatic app and external lenses from photojojo. Cheat photography as some may call it, but hey, they work!

Do you accept samples? Can we send you product to blog about?

I will rarely accept them and even if I do it’d be for special occasions. However, acceptance of your sample product does not guarantee that I will write about it.

Do you review restaurants?

Because I eat out almost every day (it’s quite normal for us living in KL), naturally I tend to cover restaurants as a feature or part of a story. However, I rarely offer a ‘review’ per se as I’m not a food critic. Having said that,  I do enjoy my fair share of  good meals every now and then. And a frugal Asian,  I’d rarely turn down anyone who wants to feed me.

Do you review travel destinations?

I prefer to write about culinary destinations as I have done in the past on own travels.  Now, I’ve finally expanded and categorized it under my ‘Eat Far, Far Away’ section and will accept any invites if I deem fit for the contents of these category.

Do you review cookbooks and other food & travel related publications?

Yes, I’m beginning to do just that in my’ Eat In’ section. Please contact me via email for more details.

What about sponsorships, joining our network, mutual links, all that jazz?

Email me with questions about sponsorship and advertising if you’re interested. But I do not exchange links.

I’m a publicist and want to send you press releases. Cool?

Please, by all means do. I’d be more than happy to read them and if they relate to anything I do, I’ll let you know.

What advice would you give to someone interested in pursuing blogging? A career in the food business?

I’d give the same advice to anyone no matter what field: Love what you do, keep learning, and never ever take the easy way out. Remain passionate. And don’t forget to be courteous and polite. You’ll go farther than you could ever imagine.