Exploring Bangkok

Made my inaugural trip to Bangkok two weeks ago, yeah FINALLY. More known as the city of sins rather than its named city of angels, Bangkok actually had more to offer than Buah Dada and throbbing cocks. The city is actually blessed with many good food (apart from Thai food which we all know is freaking delish). So, less words and more pictures…here’s a glimpse of foodie heaven:

Bangkok #1

a. Even Pad’Thai and Tom Yum in Siam Paragon’s food court taste 10x better than what we get here…maybe there’s something to do with the porky pork..hmmm;
b. The legendary Chocoholic Cafe franchise serves up a good 3-mushroom fettucine (which apparently contains chocolate) and great chocolate (what else?) desserts;
c. Can’t remember which food court that I bumped into this yummy Sago dumpling with meat filling which a big burst of flavour;
d. And to satisfy the sweet tooth in me,Banoffee Pie, Chocolate Meringue Butterfly and Mini Cupcakes from Cakelicious

Bangkok #2

a. For authentic Thai food in a nice cosy environment, especially if you’re looking for a place to rest from the hustle and bustle… Condom&Cabbagesis a great place to be. Traditional Blue Dumplings, Hot Sour Chicken Soup, Steamed Otak and a srumptious serving of Catfish Mango Salad comes highly recommended;
b. Serving a cute twist to Thai food, head over to YUM & TUM a local salad bar of some sort, for fried morning glory (kangkung) and a refreshing ice tea.

So, there you have it, a nice compilation of delicious memory from my trip to the Venice of the East.

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