Eat. Drink. Be Merry!

Jack&Keith Xmas_1.jpg

Jack&Keith Xmas_2.jpg

The perfect recipe to making your yuletide gay = Close friends + LOVE + Home-cooked Food + Alcohol + Kylie concert DVD + Candles + Christmas Tree + Marks & Spencers + Presents under the Tree.

Jack&Keith: Thanks for having us over and making us that wonderful meal! We seem to have started a tradition this year to spend the all festive holidays in your lovely home.
Drownedglass: “Classic” (more like ‘Pimped’) Bumblebee rocks!
WiFi&Kenji: It’s always a good laugh with you around.
Wingedman & the B.F.: There see, your hard work’s displayed in full glory on my blog like I said I would. Honestly, Nigella would have been proud of you guys! :)
Private Jet Santarina: Mama, your salad of a dessert is the bomb!

For everyone else, Christmas season may be all about consumerism (I know since I’ve been working on store decors the whole month to lure shoppers in), but I hope that all of you can be thankful for all the good that’s in your life, that we are loved and that we can still afford gifts for one another. Above all, let us be grateful for the Lord Saviour’s Birth, an eternal gift from Heaven. After all, this is His giant birthday celebration.

Hope you had just as good of a Christmas as I did, despite me missing somebody a whole damn lot!

Merry Christmas everyone.

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