Dinner Party @ Hsuan’s

Sorry for not being able to update my blog recently. It has been a crazy month at my new job and been trying my best to integrate into the culture and system there. Hope things will be much smoother now that I’m in my second month there.

Anyway, enough about work. As part of my celebration for the new job, my friends decided to throw a party and having Ken and I cook for them. Brilliant con don’t you think? But we enjoyed being in the kitchen, so it’s alright. Will stop writing and let the pictures speak for themselves…enjoy!

Dinner @ Hsuan's

Preperation @ Hsuan's

Thai Chicken Salad with Lychee

Baked Mushroom with Basil  Hsuan's

Potato & Spinach Gratin

Angelhair Pad'Thai @ Hsuan's

Lychee & Cherry Mixer @ Hsuan's

Bon Appetite @ Hsuan's

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