Delectable Treats by Su, Pavilion KL: No Tricks, Only Treats.

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I know it is cliche to say how quickly the year is coming to an end, but that’s the truth. 2010 has swift by in the quickest manner and memories of what has happened in the year seems blurry to me now. I can’t recall much before October. Thankfully I have this blog to look back and remind me that I actually do have  a life outside work.

Speaking of hard workers (I’m glad I’m not the only one in this rut), I’m sure Su of Delectable feels the same about the year of the tiger too. After a year of building a name for her physical store in The Gardens and charming her way into our hearts with her line of cupcakes and other goodies, Su took the plunge and launched her second venture in Pavilion KL. On top of that, orders for her exquisitely made-to-order designer cake have been flourishing to a point that I hardly get to see her sunshine smile for lunch or coffee anymore these days. Lets not even mention the playdate, which I have a feeling isn’t happening anytime this year. Bah!

OK I’ll cut her some slack now. We did finally manage to meet one afternoon recently. The thing is we both happened to be in the same mall that day. She even gave me a private tour of her new shop. This was actually a good thing as I missed my chance to do that or hobnob with celebrities at its opening party. I was busy attending my own birthday party then. 

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Honestly, Delectable Treats as a shop isn’t much compared to her cake studio at the Gardens. Despite a smaller presence the store is pack with its own punches. Just to differentiate the two shops, Delectable cake studio concentrates on designer cakes, and Delectable Treats concentrates on its namesake: treats! Here you will find every shelves and nook stock with her trademark cupcakes and merry men cookies, while adding a whole new repertoire of new goodies like chilled layered desserts, multiple tiered cakes, loafs of layer cakes, chocolate cakes and cheese cakes. My favourite new thing has to be the Oatmeal & Raisin cookies which comes a Delectable blue tin with an air-tight lid! There’s even jars of Happinuts on sale.

Her new concept store also sells other non-food items like aprons printed in the trademarked Delectable yellow strips, cute jelly purses with specially made pins of characters like Lulu and Teddy. Makes perfect stocking stuffers don’t you think? Specially created Christmas gift sets are also available, that comes in a Yellow Tin Bake ware set (pink whisk, gingerbread and Xmas tree cake mould) with matching Delectable apron and mitten.

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Delectable Treats is in fact a dream come true for the bubbly Su, whose world is often filled with rainbows and butterflies (with the occasional rain and floods too). She once dreamed of a place where she could make everyone happy with goodies from her family’s kitchen and a host of sweet treats. And here she is now, making and selling items which she has grown up with and things she has invented to feed her housemates back in Sydney. Makes me wonder what life might have been if I have met her during her Uni days.

I know, I’ll be A-Damn-Fat-Monkey.

Actually, being her friend these days isn’t all that bad either. In fact, it is a real Treat. She often shares her favourite new discoveries in a mall with me (like ChaTime bubble tea and Brotzeit, but that’s story for another time) and we go off in search of many benda bodohs together. These little pockets of adventures with little-miss-sunshine here always bring out the little kid in me.


treat noun /tri?t/

1: an especially unexpected source of joy, delight, or amusement;

2: something special that you do or buy for yourself or someone else


Delectable Treats by Su
P6.03.00 Pavilion KL Mall (next to Times bookstore),
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2144 5157

Full menu of all available goods are on the official website.
And read the untold story behind some of her items in Delectable Treats on her blog.

13 Responses to Delectable Treats by Su, Pavilion KL: No Tricks, Only Treats.
  1. Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur
    December 19, 2010 | 5:59 am

    OMG jon! THat is the most incredibly sweet post! I love you! hahaa
    i MISS YOU SOO MUCH! I look forward to each time you text me for spontaneous lunches and fun visits! hahaha
    We must find benda bodoh together!! it's chinese new year soon! hehe
    xoxoxoxoxooxoxox *phew* :P

  2. juzaweebit
    December 19, 2010 | 6:03 am

    Aiyo tak sempat makan her kek that day…


  3. Life for Beginners
    December 19, 2010 | 6:26 am

    And you know what, my friend, you are both of you such sweet treats and delights yourself! :)


  4. Sarah Wu
    December 19, 2010 | 8:06 am

    Yummy looking and cute to to keep.

  5. Sean
    December 19, 2010 | 4:11 pm

    she's like the female version of willy wonka … sort of (but without the hat and the oompa-loompas)! anyways, i want my golden ticket too (and a sugary, creamy, colorful cupcake!) :D

  6. LeslieTravel
    December 19, 2010 | 8:48 pm

    Love these adorable little cakes! Your photos and comic book style are a perfect fit for this subject.

  7. qwazymonkey
    December 20, 2010 | 12:31 am

    Su: ur welcome! It really is a pleasure to hang out with you. Wishing you a merry Christmas now! And yes we must go dong dong change shopping soon

    Kenny: She's really sweet isn't she?

    Sarah: no!!! U must eat her cakes! They are really really yummy.

    Sean: actually she has just as crazy of a hat and many elves working for her.

    Leslie: Thanks girl. Have to do justice to her creations.

  8. J
    December 20, 2010 | 1:07 am

    Aiyo. Such a super duper sweet post, Munkey boy. :) :)
    (Warms the heart, this does)

  9. CUMI & CIKI
    December 20, 2010 | 2:22 am

    mah sue is gorgeous mah su!

  10. thule a.k.a leo
    December 20, 2010 | 4:43 am

    until today, I couldn't bring myself to buy anything from her shop. Not that her stuff isn't good.. but I can't bring myself to eat those gorgeous creations

  11. J2Kfm
    December 20, 2010 | 3:07 pm

    So sweet. … :)
    I went to her launch the other day at Pavilion, and she was still in her most bubbly self.
    Okay, i'll try to emulate what you've done and visit Delectables again.

  12. Ms Gayapau
    December 22, 2010 | 3:42 pm

    Jon lovely post and surely very tasteful too :)
    Keep up the great blog and wishing you all the best for the coming 2011 and Merry X-Mas to you from snowy Billerica,MA

  13. Lyrical Lemongrass
    December 23, 2010 | 2:11 am

    I think I know that girl. Yes, I do think so. She looks like someone I used to hang out with a long time ago!