Cakes & Presents: It’s Christmas Time!


I’ve been going back and forth trying to write and rewrite something that would appeal to your heart in conjunction with this Christmas post. But I guess I’m just lost for words. I do not know if it’s just the time of night or I’ve finally ran out of brainjuice for the year. But whichever it is, I’m just happy that the Holiday season’s here. Heaven knows I am in need of this well-deserved break and some holiday cheers.

I gotta say that I love how my break started out yesterday. Managed to spend the day with McCutie, going about running some errands. And in the evening, the gang met up for a lovely and fuss-free dinner at d’ItalianeKitchen @ Jaya 33 followed by cakes at the re-opened Alexis at BSC. It’s always great to fill your day with positive energy and surround yourself with laughter and smiles from the ones you love. Oh yes, there were some early Christmas gift exchanged as well. And guess what I got? A cute pink book called “This Little Piggy Went To Prada: A Collection of Nursery Rhymes for the Blahnik Brigade“. How’s this monkey to fault such a lovely day right?

Anyway, to my gentle readers, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very very Merry Christmas. I’ll leave you with a little something I found on the world wide web to pump some Big Ol Cheer into your holiday here:

One Response to Cakes & Presents: It’s Christmas Time!
  1. Life for Beginners
    December 27, 2008 | 3:05 pm

    Merry Xmas, bro! I guess my lil Prada would love to have a peek at that lil book too! Tee hee…