Back For More Palettes

So I did say I would definitely make Palate Palette my very home away from home in the last entry, and back for more I did over the weekend. The Lomls and Ken was with me this time round as we adventured into this colour-crazed foodie palace and discussed on our up-coming monkey businesses!

We didn’t get to sit around long enough to co cuckoo over this place, looks like others have found this piece of heaven too! Apparently, some Al-Jazerah’s manager was leaving and they are throwing a farewell party for 100pax later in the evening. But we’re glad Ben (the restaurant manager) and his cool-cat staff welcomed us in nevertheless as they went around fuzzing about how to make one little corner as quirky as the others for the party (talk about attention to details). Who knew some place this “chaotic” would require so much attention!

Anyway, we recommended the Green Tea Fouille and Toasted Carrot cake to the Lomls while Ken and I went for the Chocolate Cheese Cake. Marvellous!

Chocolate Heaven
A lil’ slice of heaven!

The iced mocha was great too. Look at it! Doncha wish your bf was hot like it? MO-CHA, Baby!

Again, Palate Palette wins hands down with this petite creation. If you’re reading this, stop! Head down to Palate Palette now…of, did I mentioned that the chef’s very cute too?

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