Those who knows me knows that I simple adore anything, and everything, made of Bananas! And when it comes to dessert, as long as Bananas on the menu, I’ll order it without looking.

One of my favourite desserts has to be the sinful Banoffee Pie. A pie filled with fluffy cream cheese, caramel and of cause, Bananas! Over this long weekend, I managed to whipped one up with the help of ze MasterChef himself – and it’s so so freaky easy to make em!

First, slice some Bananas up

Then lay the sliced Bananas on top of a chocolate cookie-crust which was pre-baked (high heat for about 10mins) with melted butter and some sugar on a 8-inch pie-tray
Lay em Out

Drizzle store-bought Caramel on the Bananas til your heart contents
Pour Some Sugar Over Me!

Proceed with mixing about 300g of Cream Cheese together with 3-tbs of Fresh Milk in a mixer(or just use a blender like we did!)
Mix it Up

Pour the mixture over the Bananas and crust and smooth it evenly
Spread It All Out

You can decorate the pie top with more caramel
Banoffee Star Pie

Once it’s ready, “baked” it in the fridge for at-least 3-hours
Guess Which One is My Creation?

And, Viola! Piece of cake innit? This should serve about 8 slices (if you’re the generous kind!)

Come have a piece!

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