All Wedding Starts with a Good Company

Good Company

Design. Food. Love. Three things that I’m most passionate about. And more recently in with last year, I found a new passion in Weddings. And what’s there not to? A wedding after all encompasses everything that I’m just passionate about.

So it’s no surprised that I jumped at the opportunity to work with two friends who are just as passionate as I am about Weddings. Just a simple spark of chemistry over dinner at the D’Italiane Kitchen @ Jaya 33, gave us a prelude of what wonders this set of good talents can do.

In between a Roasted Tomato Pumpkin Soup, Carbonara Fettuccine, Lamb Cutlet Risotto, Special Seafood Spaghetti and Crab Meat Aglio Olio, we shared our passion, our intention to make a difference and our dreams. And by the time the cakes and coffee arrived; Kenny, Lis and I have decided to make couple’s dreams our business.

Call us Wedding Planners, Wedding Designers, Dream Makers or whatever you want. But I’ll promise you that you won’t regret calling us at all. So, do drop us a line if you or your friend would like us to realise your wedding dreams. We’ll make you a deal: you bring your dreams, and we’ll bring our tools.

Are you as excited as I am? More details about our lil’ business soon.

6 Responses to All Wedding Starts with a Good Company
  1. Life for Beginners
    September 8, 2008 | 2:02 am

    Hehe, this is sorta like a baby shower announcement, no? Tee hee.

    And amidst this great sense of excitement, there is this whole “How the heck did he remember everything we ate?” going through what little matter that passes off for me brains…

    LOL @ what I said. Totally not taken out of context. ;)

  2. little miss kechik
    September 8, 2008 | 4:51 am should totally do this babe.. hail the naziii!!

  3. Ciss
    September 8, 2008 | 7:17 am

    Hi hi!

    I’ll be getting married mid of next year. If you’re really serious about starting the business, let me know! (Not sure how to contact you here)

    Perhaps I can be your first customer! =)

  4. qwazymonkey
    September 10, 2008 | 4:32 pm

    KM: We have a potential customer! Yes, I’m still thrilled and excited by it.

    Miss Kechik: I’ve got your invite. Thanks. But beb, you got McCutie’s name wrong lah. LOL.

    Btw, we won’t be able to make it as I’m in the midst of a launch event that weekend and cannot escape. Here’s wishing you all the best and selamat pengantin baru. Wish I could be there and berinspirasi for the business. And thanks for the vote of confidence.

    Ciss: We’ll be in touch! Yay potential client!

  5. drownedglass
    September 13, 2008 | 1:22 am

    Oooh… the Matrimony Mafia cometh!

  6. little miss kechik
    September 18, 2008 | 6:01 am

    ye ke?? aduhh………hahhahahahahahaha! oh well.. bridezilla la katakan..