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I’m Jonathan Ooi, a 30-something year old monkey born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was first bitten by the travel bug about a decade ago when I left home to further my studies in Australia. Up until then, I had hardly adventured much outside my own country. The opportunity to live far away from home and explore an unknown place was an exhilarating and liberating experience, not just in a personal sense, but also gastronomically. I’m not sure if it was the exposure to a new environment, the new-found freedom or the unrestricted access to an endless supply of fresh and natural produce that ignited my curiosity towards food. I suddenly found myself craving for new dishes – willing to travel far and wide in search of new places to eat, and challenging myself in the kitchen making meals out of ingredients that, up till then, were unfamiliar to me. Soon, these culinary adventures became my modus operandi and I started sharing the vast spectrum of textures, aromas and flavours which I had discovered with my friends and neighbours. Through these wonderful moments, it became apparent to me that food can magically bring people together regardless of where they are from. Sharing a meal together is, without a doubt, the best form of camaraderie.

Contrary to popular belief, this monkey is neither ‘little‘ nor ‘fat‘. Just ‘a little fat‘ – at least for now. From food to travel, and everything in between, this monkey with an expanding waistline is known to have an insatiable appetite and thirst for all good things in life.

You can also follow my gastronomic adventures on Twitter Instagram or Pinterest. I have also started contributing to the food section of The Malaysian Insider [#1 online news portal in the country] since the beginning of 2012.



In April 2007, I launched the A Lil’ Fat Monkey food blog with the aim to record and share my culinary moments through photography and essays. In the beginning, the blog was nothing more than a personal eating diary, mostly to remind myself of the meals that I’ve had. Along the way, the blog adopted its current pictorial comic layout and quickly found a group of like-minded followers. I truly believe that there is a tale to tell behind every meal or dish and I would love to share them with you. Embedded within the walls of these comic panels are the things closest to my heart – food, travel, design, music & photogaphy – fused together with my very own brand of monkey wit and my personal take on the world around me.

2011 marks the 4th year the blog has been in existence and to commemorate this, I’ve decided to give it a much-deserved facelift. Firstly, the blog has now migrated to its own permanent domain and is no longer squatting on Blogspot – a move that has been a long time coming. I’ve also introduced a few changes to the site with the aim of better conveying my enthusiasm about the dishes and places I’ve enjoyed, in hopes of inspiring more people to travel and taste everything that this wonderful world has to offer.

I’m thrilled that through this blog, I’ve made friends from around the world with like-minded people who are just as intensely interested in food, travel and adventure. Many have become good friends in real life and whilst others are cool people to know via comments and correspondence. So thank you for dropping by and making my gastronomical journey around the world an interactive and unforgetable one. I hope you will continue to be entertained.

Happy reading!

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