A Tale of Three Cakes


Apple Pie | 26.07.08
I passed you a couple of times on the menu, but I kept looking around. I was hoping for more choices, but the others failed to grab my attention. They were dull. They weren’t appropriate. They were just rude. But you, you kept me looking back. Stealing one too many glances. Perhaps, I needed to convince myself that you were the right one. I needed you to be special. I needed you to escort me to the dinner table. I had plans for you to do your job just right…to blow.

Now that you were the chosen one, I hope you won’t make me regret this. This was supposed to be our little secret. But you had other plans. You were loud. Really LOUD. You are such an attention seeking whore. You just had to reveal yourself didn’t you? You couldn’t just sit by without being noticed. You even had to call the band over for Christ’s sake! I’m glad I decided to wrap you up in a box and kept you up in the hills until it right time. And then I lit you, all ready for McCutie to blow you up!

Marble Cheesecake | 27.07.08
Impromptu. That’s what you are. Perhaps, chance and luck would have been more appropriate labels for you. You were just unplanned. In an instant while driving through KL’s evening skyline, you came to me. It was like a light bulb in my head just got switched on in that moment.

But I had to keep you a mystery. Especially after being outted by that loud-mouth Apple Pie. McCutie was kept at the edge of his seat while he slurped down some beef kuay teow. Anxious and curious McCutie was. Finally, I revealed what I was hiding. In one of the oldest establishments in KL comes a signature dish, you! For years, you’ve been entertaining your loyal diners and tonight I hope you’ll enthrall McCutie with your old school charm. Decked sinfully with colourful fruits, a trail of strawberry sauce and crowned with a sugar honeycomb…you looked spectacular. We sank our teeth in and had a good slice of you. You were good as always. But we won’t be back for awhile. Like Celine Dion, you’re a good performer…but you are all but cheese in the end.

White Lychee Dream Cake | 28.07.08
You took the longest time to arrive in comparison. “Better late than never,” you said. The grand diva amongst the three. It took you a good 20-days to prepare and a good baker to put you together. You had your restrictions. A long list of DOs and DON’Ts. But you knew exactly how you will not fail to impress. And in tradition of any self respecting diva, demand you did. You told us to sit back, do what we’re told and “Be surprised!

In your grand unveiling a day after McCutie’s birthday, we were in awe. You simply look magnificent in that white coat of your’s. You were laced and heavily decorated on the top with divine Macaroons, blueberries and chocolate rose petals. At the bottom you were detailed by a shower of shaved white chocolate. As we cut into your soft and moist core, a subtle whiff of heavenly fragrance that only lychees can produce was released into the air. And how did you taste like?


2 Responses to A Tale of Three Cakes
  1. Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah
    August 9, 2008 | 7:08 am

    Altogether now, boys and girls: AWWWWW…. ;)

    I guess McCutie liked the third cake the best? On account on being such a diva and all… I jest, I jest! What I really meant to say was that the third cake was just like a dream… and McCutie would have been called McDreamy if some darn Yankee doctor didn’t snatched the name up first. Right? :D

  2. qwazymonkey
    August 9, 2008 | 4:48 pm

    KM: Not quite really. McCutie sounds apt somehow compared to McDreamy. LOL